Medical establishments such as hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centres and so on are looked upon as edifices of hope by the diseased and the ill. Like any other business, medical establishments are organized institutions. They follow complex processes and need efficient manpower to manage these processes.

Hospital Administration is a field relating to leadership, management and administration of hospitals, hospital networks and healthcare systems. The primary objective is to provide quality healthcare to people and that too in a cost-effective manner. Professional hospital administrators have proven how institutions can be managed proficiently, economically and successfully in a given time period.

There has been seen a remarkable growth in the hospital industry in India, which has lead to a great demand and popularity of the hospital management related courses. Indian economy is earning both revenue and employment in leaps and bounds from this sector. Hundreds and Hundreds of modern super speciality hospitals with sophisticated equipments have sprang up in all the states of India and abroad.

According to India Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF) health care market in India is expected to reach US $ 372 billion by shortly. The Indian healthcare sector is expected to reach US$ 280 billion by 2020 .The sector is expected to generate 40 million jobs in India by very shortly.The Health care industry in India comprises of hospitals, medical devices, clinical trials, out sourcing, telemedicine, medical tourism, health insurance and medical equipments. The requirement of professional administrators in the hospitals is growing briskly mostly because the nature of work in hospitals is quite different from other organizations. The urgent nature of its work and the level of efficiency that is expected have increased the need of well-formulated hospital administration courses.


Certificate Programme in Hospital Administration

SI no Course Suitability
1 Hospital Administration courses are suitable for those candidates should have negotiation and teamwork skills, developed through working both independently and on group projects; and leadership and delegation skills, gained through group work.
2 They should have IT skills to collect, analyze and present information in spreadsheets and databases; written communication skills, gained from a report and essay writing.
3 They should also handle people and pressure, ability to handle deadlines, excellent leadership skills.
4 They should have analytical, critical and problem solving skills developed through researching, evaluating and presenting arguments and data.
SI no Benefits
1 By gaining experience in the role of hospital manager, one can move into the role of a Chief Executive Officer or Head of the Department of the organizations.
2 Hospital Administration courses help to find opportunities with public health departments, nursing homes etc apart from hospitals.
3 They can also go for tourism in foreign countries which covers provision for tourists. Employers include tourist boards, tour operators and travel agents, tourist information centres and any business associated with a tourist attraction.
4 They have also good options i.e masters degree and then for research.
SI no Employment Areas
1 Health Insurance Companies
2 Healthcare portals
3 Hospital Consulting Firms
4 Government and Private Hospitals
5 Medical Software Companies
6 Mental Health Facilities
7 National and International Healthcare Organizations
8 Nursing Homes
9 Pharmaceuticals and Hospital supply Firms
10 Public Health Departments
11 Rehabilitation Centre
SI no Career Direction
1 Admin Executive
2 Admin Manager
3 Admin Supervisor
4 Hospital Assistant
5 Quality Control Executive
6 Guest Relation Executive
7 Customer Care Executive
8 Assistant Manager/Manager
9 Front Office Administrator
10 Patient Relation Executive
11 OP Secretary
12 OP Assistant
13 HR Supervisor
14 PRO
15 Marketing Executive
16 Marketing Advertisement Manager
17 Medical Records Executive
18 Nursing Executive

Post Graduate Diploma in Healthcare & Hospital management

SI no Course Suitability
1 Candidates should also have friendly personality; ability to handle people and pressure, ability to handle deadlines, excellent leadership skills that are necessary for it.
2 They should have quick decision making capability based on up-to -date management principles and techniques; analytical and logical reasoning skill, patience.
3 They also possess excellent verbal and written communication skills to maintain functional relationships with the hospital staff, physicians and the community.
SI no Benefits
1 After passing this course,they can go for further higher studies and can also join teaching fields.
2 It also improves the quality of care,procedures and service to Patience .
3 It enables hospitals and doctors to better service their Patience.It improved the quality of patient care, increased nursing productivity.
4 They are responsible for hiring non-medical staffs,maintenance of hospital services,security,building the hospital brand,marketing,accounts,financial operations
5 Planning and control for a continuous supply of materials, management of the research and clinical work etc.
SI no Employment Areas
1 Clinic
2 Corporate/Public/Private sector Hospitals
3 Health Insurance Companies
4 Healthcare Centres
5 International and National Health care Organizations
6 Mental Health Organizations
7 Nursing Homes
8 Pharmaceuticals and Hospital supply Firms
9 Public Health Departments
10 Medical Software Companies
SI no Career Direction
1 Agency Manager
2 Direct Marketing Manager
3 Hospital Administration Manager
4 Hospital Business Manager
5 Key Accounts Manager
6 Occupational Health Specialist
7 Program Manager
8 Assistant Manager/Manager

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